Jekyll 3 Pagination Gem

Backwards compatable and enhanced replacement for the previously built-in jekyll-paginate gem.

I recently learned that the true and tested pagination gem for jekyll jekyll-paginate had been decommissioned and removed from Jekyll 3.

This is unfortunate as this gem is very good but lacks only a few major new features, most notibly the feature to paginate on a subset of your posts (e.g. only paginate on certain categories, tags or languages).

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So I decided to dive in and unofficially 'adopt' this part of the Jekyll world and build a version 2 of the pagination gem.

And here it is, fully backwards compatible and with a long list of new enhancements


The gem can be simply installed straight from by using

gem install jekyll-paginate-v2

More info on configuration on my Github page

Using it

The Github project page goes into all the detailed ins-and-outs of configuring and enabling the features of this gem.

My blog now uses this gem for it's pagination logic and I'm really looking forward to finally being able to make the category names into click'able links.

This also marked my first Ruby gem ever, check it out on

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