This is what I do.

Who am I

I am a passionate software developer with over 15 years experience building mission critical software systems in the finance and technology sector. I have experience working directly with traders, brokers, sales people and researchers to deliver tactical solutions quickly and efficiently, in addition to the more traditional medium/longer term projects with technical traders, strategic analysts and other software developers providing APIs and development tools. I've worked on large scale infrastructure projects serving millions of customers every day.

My Interests

Building and delivering relevant and genuinely useful software. Algorithms and their successful implementation. Big data and data mining techniques. Practical applications of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. UI development. Learning new things, every day, all year round. Surrounding myself with enthusiastic, intelligent people that like to get things done.

My Qualities

I pride myself on successfully delivering solid, dependable and simple solutions that are easily maintainable. I am used to working on high pressure and time sensitive projects. As well as writing new code I am experienced in maintaining and improving large existing code-bases in multiple programming languages.

I'm experienced in simultaneously balancing work on multiple projects and quickly prioritize new & outstanding work as projects and requirements evolve. I keep a clear head under pressure and have worked both as a part of a large multi-regional team on big long-running projects as well as completely autonomously on new greenfield projects.


  • .NET technologies,
  • Windows client applications & services
  • Windows server-side development
  • API design and implementation
  • Artificial Intelligence, Heuristic Search, Machine Learning
  • Distributed Computing, High availability & scalable infrastructure
  • C++, COM, Excel add-in development
  • Software design and architecture

Software Developer
For hire

Developer & Programmer with +15 years professional experience building software.

Seeking WFH, remoting or freelance opportunities.