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This is the ultimate guide to show you how to create a flexible and fully customizable auto-complete search box for your static site (Jekyll, Middleman etc). The functionality is offered by the fantastic team at
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This is the definite guide to show you how to create flexible and fully customizable Liquid code tags to use in Jekyll static sites. This code can be used to cleanly inject complex and repetative code in a simple way.
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Reverse engineering the K95 Vengeance USB keyboard

Guide to help you learn how to reverse engineer a complex USB device and provide your own custom built USB driver and programming library.

How you can get a free SSL certificate in 4min

Download a free .NET application that automates a large part of obtaining an SSL cert from
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Windows CoreAudio API in C#

How to use C# to access the Windows CoreAudio API to manipulate sound on Windows
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Get a free SSL certificate

Obtaining a free SSL certificate from on Windows
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How to integrate a custom USB device into the Google Chrome browser.
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Asynchronous Background Processing using .NET Tasks

Creating an asynchronous background processing handler that leverages the .NET Task framework to replace the old BackgroundWorker.
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USB driver installer in NSIS

How to create a NSIS installer and uninstaller for a USB driver on Windows. Uninstalls INF and removes USB device.
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I've just published a small example project that shows how to use my Xbox 360 Big Button Controller Library to turn the controllers into remote controls for both Netflix and the VLC media player.
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