Update #1 to Google Maps Directions to GPX data

New user interface. Wow!

This is an old entry in a series of post about converting Google Maps directions to GPX. Original post, Update #1, Update #2, Update #3, Update #4, Update #5, Update #6.

In a previous post I shared an experimental tool that I had been tinkering with that converts Google directions to GPX format.

After quite a few interesting suggestions and discussions with readers I want to present Update #1 to this tool.

The new UI with all options

The new UI with all options

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Major changes

  • New and more user friendly UI with error checking.
  • More control over output format and output file types (the tool now defaults to generating a file that has the broadest compatibility with the GPX standard).
  • Auto-generation of unique route point names (format "RPxxx").
  • Option to include the full direction text with each route point in the <desc> field.
  • Option to include a brief next turn information with each route point in the <cmt> field.
  • Optional JSON response for future web-development

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