Update #2 to Google Maps Directions to GPX data

Usability update

This is an old entry in a series of post about converting Google Maps directions to GPX. Original post, Update #1, Update #2, Update #3, Update #4, Update #5, Update #6.

The Google Maps Directions to GPX has received its second update.

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Change log

  • Support for short urls (e.g. "goo.gl/maps/..." links).
  • Support for multi destination directions.
  • Waypoints will now get a full address into their <desc> field if available.
  • Option to exclude creation of waypoints (external to the route).
  • Option to provide a custom name for the route.
  • Improved error handling and validation of Google Maps links.
  • Addressing an issue where if URL is missing sections the Google service will estimate the destination (this will most likely cause an incorrect route to be generated).

Changes to JSON output only

These changes will not been integrated into the GPX format.

  • Inclusion of Google StreetView imagery where available.
  • Preliminary support for elevation profile data (only for walking and cycling directions).
  • Turn information available in markup format ("step" field).
  • List of all countries the route passes through.
  • List of all destinations in route (in addition to start and finish).

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Map Link with Multi Destination Directions

Map Link with Cycling Directions (will have elevation data)

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