Update #4 Google Maps Directions to GPX data

Now including elevation data

This is an old entry in a series of post about converting Google Maps directions to GPX. Original post, Update #1, Update #2, Update #3, Update #4, Update #5, Update #6.

The Google Maps Directions to GPX tool now has support for elevation data for each route/track point.

Try it here

Elevation Notes

The tool relies on the Google Elevation API for elevation information.

This data is obtained by sampling along the given path, which in this case will be the start and end point of your directions.

Due to restrictions in the Google Elevation API, rather than return elevation data at each route point along the path, I had to implement the tool to request elevation by sampling along the length of the path. The number of samples requested is equal to the number of route points. Due to the fact that the path is sampled along the surface of the earth the accuracy of this elevation data might have a high degree of in-accuracy.

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