Cleaned up and fixed heaps of bugs while rebranding my old Google Maps to GPX converter tool.

This is the latest update to a tool I've discussed in earlier articles. Original post, Update #1, Update #2, Update #3, Update #4, Update #5, Update #6.

I've rebranded the tool I built to convert Google Maps Directions to GPX files to Maps To GPX and it now has its own dedicated domain.

Along with the main tool I also migrated the dev-tool that constructs GPS replay files for developers that are dealing with developing location aware applications (e.g. apps for smartphones and other handheld devices).

Other updates include a better tracking for conversion errors and an even simpler user interface. There is hardly any configuration needed and the configuration options available should be very accessible for novice users.

I have also finally fixed a slew of previously unreported bugs. :/

Change Log

  • New domain. Old links correctly redirect to appropriate places under the new domain.

  • The tool now tracks all errors that occur during conversion and reports them for me to fix.

  • Fixed multiple URL related bugs that caused the tool to silently fail.

    • Unicode characters are now correctly decoded.
    • Space character encoded correctly in Maps URLs (this one was a strange one).
    • Handling of strange xxxxxxxx entries in some map URLs that cause a failure.
    • Proper handling of unicode characters and special accents (such as apostropies in French place names).
    • Better error handling and early exit when communication with fails.
  • Fixes in output file generation

    • Fixed an issue with malformed description field causing errors in conversion.
    • Output filename adjusted to include the conversion date and time.
    • Output now correctly updates copyright notices with relevant year.
    • Fixed issue when waypoints for places contained only a lat/lon name.
  • Fixes in website front-end

    • Improved validation of URL before attempting to download.
    • User will now be given an early warning the url is malformed.
    • Errors are cleared more consistently now when user modifies input.
    • Added a "Donate" button to the page for users eager to thank me.

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